As soon as summer hits, my time spent reading increases exponentially. I tend to put away other projects (like knitting & baking) & devote time spend to turning pages while enjoying the sun.

1. Bad Feminist

I took way too long to read this book. Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay has been around for a few years now, & regardless of your "feminist status", it is well worth the read. Gay has a hilarious cynicism that is incredibly relatable & honest. I was especially thrilled by essay on how ridiculous "5o Shades of Grey" is...

2. Vanishing Grace

A follow-up to What's So Amazing About Grace?, Philip Yancey's Vanishing Grace explores the disconnect between what Christianity essentially represents, and how our culture has skewed that vision for the worse. As a young-in-faith Christian, this book made me examine how I represent myself as a Christian, and think critically about areas where I felt Christianity had "failed" & how we can overcome those instances.

3. Harvest

I received this book as a birthday gift from my dear friend MacKenzie. She's given me several books over the course of our friendship, and I can honestly say that I've enjoyed every one. Harvest: Unexpected Projects Using 47 Extraordinary Garden Plants is a stunning book. It took me all of two days to devour this book, & immediately update my garden list of "Things to Grow". The extra-sweet part about this book is that the plethora of projects can be altered to use alternative "ingredients" to suit your fancy, like the recipe for homemade essential oils, or the method for collecting poppy (or black cumin) seeds.

4. Never Let Me Go

I am so late to this dystopian novel party that it's not even funny. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro has been on my reading list forever, and I finally sat down & read it. And when I say 'sat down & read it' I really mean that I sat down and kept reading it. I'm not usually a fan of romance, but the horrifyingly morbid undertones & hints at the fate of the Hails kept me up at night.