August Playlist

Where did our “summer” go? It’s almost September. Here’s the music & podcasts that kept me sane during this crazy season:

1. Caamp, “By and By

The whiskey-soaked-velvet sounds of Caamp return! By and By brings us 12 more songs from the banjo-wielding boys and certainly doesn’t disappoint. “Peach Fuzz” upbeat melody speaks of both the joys and awkwardness of young love. The low, deep tune “Moonsmoke” is achingly beautiful. Overall, this is a 5 star album from a band that measures it’s success in denim jackets. If you were lucky enough to see them at the Edmonton Folk Fest this year I am hella jealous.


2. Wagons, “Songs from the Aftermath

Wagons are a raucous, country rock group from Australia, fronted by Henry Wagons. They played the first year (and several other years) of Interstellar Radio and I instantly became a fan. I was so stoked to see they were releasing a new album this summer, which they teased with the single “Keep On Coming Back” (oh, we do, Wagons). My favourite song on the album has to be “Old Fashioned Nights”, which reminds me of slow dancing and street lamps.


3. Amanda Knox, “The Truth About True Crime” [podcast]

True Crime is having a big moment in pop culture, and I’m here for it. I’ve watched every True Crime documentary I can get my hands on, and listen to the most murdery of podcasts at work. When Amanda Knox’s face showed up on my Spotify “Suggested For You”, I immediately started listening to The Truth About True Crime.


Here’s what surprised me though. Where most True Crime podcasts & documentaries focus on the macabre & gory details, The Truth About True Crime approaches the genre with empathy & compassion, focusing instead on victims of these crimes we obsess over. Season 2, which covers the Alamo Christian Foundation cult, was particularly eye opening for me. Knox interviews former members, most of who were children either born or brought into the group by their parents. She is patient, understanding, empathetic. Season 3, “Killing For Love”, is extraordinarily emotional as Knox covers the wrongful conviction of Jens Söring. Initially, she approaches her conversations with Söring with caution, stating that his description of his ex-girlfriend struck too close to home with her own case. As the interviews progress, a beautiful friendship blossoms…I don’t want to reveal too many details, so just go give it a listen! I highly recommend this podcast.

Thank you for reading, and if you have music, playlist, or podcast suggestions, hit me up! You can also follow me on Spotify here.

- Aims