October Playlist

  1. Gregory Alan Isakov, Evening Machines

    Gregory Alan Isakov is one of my favourite artists. When he teased “Caves I played it on repeat & counted down the days until the full album was released. It didn’t disappoint. The quiet, sorrowful vibes of San Luis & the campfire-y single Caves steal the show on this album. Isakov is best enjoyed with a steaming mug of tea or a deep glass of red wine.

2. The Haxan Cloak, Excavation

While watching Castle Rock (spoiler alert) in the dark one night, I heard the deep track, “Miste” as Bill Skarsgård told Melanie Lynskey where she died. The hair on my arms stood up, so naturally I Shazam’d the track, then fell into the dark rabbit hole of Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak. Excavation dropped back in 2013 (apparently a time where I was living under a stupid rock) as the second album for Krlic’s project. Playing more like a droning soundtrack, Excavation explores the darkest parts of our minds. Turn it on, run a bath, & meditate on your mortality. Then go watch cartoons.

3. The Distillers, Man vs Magnet / Blood in Gutters

Grab your black eyeliner, The Distillers are back. When I first saw that Brody & the gang were hitting the road to tour, I shrieked. Outloud. Very loudly. Like alarmingly loud.

THEN THEY DROPPED TWO SINGLES (a double? What’s the technical term here?). Any Distillers fan will tell you that these two new songs are exactly what we’ve been waiting 15 years for. Pure punk joy.

4. My Favorite Murder (podcast)

To be fair, I don’t just listen to MFM during the month of October…I’m a year-round murderino. But honestly, what better month to listen to Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark pour over horrifying tales & make wildly inappropriate/hilarious jokes??? Two to three times a week I subject my office-mate to MFM. I like to think she also enjoys it. Stay sexy & don’t get murdered!

- Aims