Crazy Plant Lady

I am a crazy plant lady. I blame my mother. She has a green thumb & the knowledge of a forest sprite when it comes to flora. Before Mark & I got married in 2015, my mom propagated 150 succulents for our favours. She always has a beautiful vegetable garden & a multitude of flowers in the yard. I love it.

Plants are the best. Although I am a true winter-lover at heart, I always like to have a good crowd of greenery surrounding me year round. Our condo faces south, so we receive a ton of sunshine in our bedroom and living room.  This is where the majority of my houseplants reside. 

The living room window is filled with orchids, a jade plant, some smaller succulents (that have been propagated from my larger ones), and the start of a lemon tree (I sprouted some seeds last summer and they're finally getting some height!). I also have a heartleaf philodendron hanging from a macrame piece that I inherited from my friend Toban when she moved. It has exploded with growth in the year it's been at Casa Claffey, and the vines are now hitting the couch. 

Our master bedroom has turned into my succulent oasis. I have about six pots nestled onto the window sill (and the trunk below) that all house a multitude of succulents. The most recent additions to the team are from a beautiful Fabloomosity Bloom Box that my boss gifted me. The plants were starting to look a little haggard in the box, so I transplanted. They're loving their new homes & now I can enjoy them for much longer! Also in the bedroom is an Aloe Vera plant, a hanging pot of English Ivy (whose leaves stubbornly point due south no matter how I angle the pot), and a Dracaena Marginata tree from IKEA that has been surprisingly hearty. My pots range from Value Village rescues, to IKEA ceramics, to old candle jars (Anthropologie candles are the cutest/best). If it can hold dirt, it can house a plant.

None of my little babies need a ton of care, just a bit of love & water a few times a week. I also basically ignore the two bamboo plants in my kitchen and they do just fine. Some blogs have claimed that having plants in your home can purify the air (sure, maybe!), others say that they reduce stress. If either of these has any truth, even a smidgen, I think it's worth a try. 

- Aims