DIY Reusable Face Wipes

Like any 29 year old, my greatest fear is the constant & unending march forward of time. Due to this, I have an anti-aging skincare routine in place which involves the application of several beauty potions. I used to use disposable cotton rounds to apply my product, but realized that this was causing a ton of unnecessary waste. The solution was to sew myself some reusable face wipes, which I did yesterday, and they were so easy!

Mark recently purged his closet and I rescued a cotton t-shirt from his donation pile to use for my wipes. I cut strips of fabric out and marked them into 3 inch squares, with 2 layers of fabric per square.

Next, I sewed the edges and cut the squares out. I thought about making them round but honestly, just didn’t want to sew in a circle!


And…that was it! They may not be the prettiest wipe out there, but they get the job done! I applied my toner last night using one and was pleased with the result. Now I have a stack of wipes that can be washed and reused, reducing my household waste just a tiny bit more.

Give it a shot!

- Aims