You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman


That’s our topic today.

I recently decided that I was going to switch to natural deodorant after using anti-antiperspirant products for…oh let’s see…15 or so years? Honestly, my decision to switch wasn’t based on avoiding putting chemicals on my skin, or reducing my household plastic waste, or even being healthier in general. It was about my clothes.

If you’ve ever met me, you may have wondered if I work at a mortuary. Or if I’m going through a goth phase. Or maybe if I’m part vampire. I wear a lot of black. For the past while, I’ve been trying not to purchase fast-fashion items, instead opting for durable, well made clothes that will last longer. One of my recent favourite purchases was the gorgeous turtleneck bodycon dress from Emmy Deveaux. I wore it once, felt amazing in it, then peeled it off to wear again the follow week/day. To my dismay, when I next reached for the dress (maybe 5 days later), the pits had crystallized white residue on them. I frowned, and quickly washed the dress. Cut to the clean dress being pulled on again. This time, I only swiped my Secret Antiperspirant under each pit once. Maybe I overdid it last time? When I took off the dress at the end of the day, there was no residue on the fabric, so again, I hung it in the closet for next time.

Well guess what happened when I reached for my beloved bodycon “next time”. MORE. CRYSTALLIZED. CRAP. Are you kidding me? What the heck was going on? I pulled a few other tighter fitting dresses & shirts from my closet, and the pile of sparkle-stained pits grew larger. Why was it happening? Does my sweat have super-human strength? Turns out, no. After doing a bit of digging online, I found the culprit: aluminium. The key ingredient that differentiates deodorant from antiperspirant. The stuff that keeps your pits dry is ALSO the stuff that ruins your clothes. Have you ever gotten rid of a shirt because of “sweat” stains? It was likely that those stains were NOT caused by your spicy armpits, but by the antiperspirant that you swiped on your body.

So I decided to make the switch to au natural deodorant.

IT. WAS. TERRIFYING. Before I made the switch I read A LOT of scary internet stuff about how my armpits would detox & I would sweat/smell like a moose in heat while my pits got used to actually being allowed to excrete their natural moisture. I fervently researched whether I should use sprays, solids, or creams. I checked the 14 Day Weather report in the hopes of my peak detox days falling on a deep freeze.

Looking into different types of natural deodorants, I came across Green Beaver. They are a Canadian company, use certified organic natural ingredients, are cruelty free, and have recyclable packaging. They also have great reviews, and are available at my local grocery store. So I picked up the lavender scent & decided to take the plunge. The first day, I made sure to wear multiple layers with the idea of peeling off a stinky shirt without anyone noticing. I had to reapply in the afternoon when I started to feel self conscious, but as soon as I did I felt fresh again. On day 3 I had a super sweaty day, where I literally felt myself perspiring. I made my co-worker sniff me and she let me know I was starting to smell a little gamey. Freaked out, I changed my shirt and reapplied. Could I make it through the detox? My thoughts suddenly started racing, wondering if something was wrong with my armpit bacteria (the stuff that causes BO stank) - maybe they were too powerful for this natural stuff? But I pressed on. The first two weeks had days that were good and days that were not so good, but all-in-all I didn’t feel overly stinky. The main issue was getting used to feeling “damp” in the armpit area, and feeling like I needed to wash every shirt or sweater after only one wear.

Then suddenly…it stopped. Almost as if a switch flipped, my pits were suddenly feeling fresh (and mostly dry) all day! Hallelujah! I made it through detox! I am happy to report that YES, this sweaty mama successfully made the swap to natural deodorant.

YASSS, let the world smell your pits!

YASSS, let the world smell your pits!

The things I’m enjoying most about natural deodorant included:

  • No white marks on my clothes, no crystalized pits

  • Natural deodorant feels so much more lightweight than the antiperspirant I was using before. I used to have to scrub under my arms to get rid of the residue!

  • No flowery, heavy scent - Green Beaver has a light lavender scent, but it’s not overwhelming like the artificial “Shower Fresh” or “Perfect Peach” of commercial antiperspirants

  • A little goes a long way - a swipe or two is enough to last all day!

So what about you? Thinking of making the switch? Already have a fav natural deodorant? Let me know in the comments!

- Aims