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Graceful Nomad was born out of a dream — in 2016, my husband & I had started booking our radical 6 month trip around Europe. We were set to see 18 countries, travel by planes & trains, live our lives out of a backpack. I wanted to document the whole thing so friends & family could keep up. The boom - pregnant. Oops!

We ended up shortening our trip from 6 months to 2…then from 2 months to 10 days when I turned out to be slightly higher risk in the pregnancy department. Our sweet daughter, Reyn, was born in August of 2017, and I wouldn’t change any part of how our journey went.

Graceful Nomad is now a space for recording everyday life & explore modern, simple living.


I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology. I hope to do better for the planet, and am inspired by slow, simple living. My passions include poetry, music, textiles, sustainability, the horror genre as a whole, travelling, reading/writing, and cooking. You’ll find a little bit of everything here.

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